Refurbished Hub Quality Checklist

Below are the steps every refurbished Hub must pass before being sent out to a customer. 

Step 1 - Accessory List

A Refurbished Hub will include all of the following Accessories:

  • Refurbished Hub
  • Ethernet cord
  • Hub power adapter
  • Instruction manual booklet

Step 2 - Assess Damage

A refurbished Hub must pass all of the following check list items in order to be re-used:

  • Confirm the Hub does not have any cracks or deep marks 
  • Confirm no water damage or electrical damage
  • Confirm no discoloration from exposure to sun or high wattage bulbs
  • Confirm no battery leakage or damages
  • Confirm no screws are missing from back plate

Step 3 - Test Functionality

Once we have ensured the returned Hub has all its accessories and has no physical damage, we then proceed with the following functionality tests.:

  • Confirm LED’s are functioning correctly
  • Confirm Speaker volume works correctly
  • Confirm Hub is on latest firmware status
  • Confirm All alarm status work as intended
  • Perform all system checks
  • Confirm communication via cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Confirm sensors work as intended
  • Confirm full Battery life
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