How do I factory reset the Smart Door Lock?

If you’re having issues with your Smart Door Lock that can’t seem to be otherwise solved, we recommend a factory reset. Follow the steps below to factory reset your Smart Door Lock:

  1. Use the Battery Cover Removal Tool to remove the battery cover on the interior side of the lock (shown below).
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Use the Battery Cover Removal Tool to hold down the reset button on the side of the Smart Door Lock, as shown below.
  4. While holding the reset button down with the Battery Cover Removal Tool, reinstall the batteries. Once the batteries are installed the reset button can be released. 
  5. Re-install the battery cover.
  6. On the Keypad, enter a new 4-8 digit Master PIN, press the settings cog (cog_icon.PNG), then press the check mark (check_mark.PNG) to save the Master PIN.

When the Smart Door Lock is reset to factory defaults, all User PINs (including the Master PIN) are deleted and all programming features are reset to the original default settings. 

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