Simon XT Radio Installation: Overview with Video

When your 4G LTE radio arrives, you'll need to physically install your new radio following the steps provided and then log in to your account to activate. Using your mobile phone, we'll guide you through the radio activation with a few interactive prompts that will activate your new radio, transfer sensors, and check existing user codes.

We've optimized the setup process for ease and simplicity since we don't expect that you have prior experience doing this. The setup process is designed so anyone can do it - regardless of experience or technical know-how. Read on below to get started!


4G LTE Radio Installation Overview

First, follow along with the video below and complete each step to install your new 4G LTE radio in your Simon XT panel. 

To access written instructions instead, click here.



Once the new radio is installed, grab your mobile device and log into the Frontpoint app*: 


From the left-hand menu, navigate along the following path: Equipment Setup > System Control > Radio Swap.


*Don't have the Frontpoint app already? 

To download it, click here
Alternatively, log in to on your mobile phone. (This feature is not supported from your desktop)




Next, you'll be launched into an interactive series of easy-to-follow steps, broken down into three sections. An overview of the three sections is shown below:



After you complete the interactive steps, your security panel will be once again ready to keep your family safe!

If you have any automation devices on your account, you’ll need to add them back into your system. Click here for step-by-step assistance on each device we support.


Having trouble?

If you need help during the installation, our Support representatives are available to chat at



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