How to place my Display Hub+ optimally for reliable communication?

The Display Hub+ serves as the command center for your system. Therefore, it's critical to find a location in your home which facilitates reliable communication between your Display Hub+ and sensors.

Although you will need to follow the instructions in the mobile app to complete activation for your new Display Hub+, we recommend reading these tips ahead of time on finding the perfect spot. 

Your Display Hub+ will need to be placed:

  • in a central location of your home, within range of an outlet.
      • The outlet should not have a "test/retest" button or be controlled by a switch.
        • Although the Display Hub+ has battery-backup for emergencies, the Display Hub+ should be plugged in at all times to avoid entering Low Power Mode. 
  • 6 feet away from all large metal appliances or electronics.
      • Placing the Display Hub+ too close to large metal appliances or electronics (like a refrigerator) can cause interference. Interference blocks the Display Hub+ from communicating properly.
    • within 100 feet of all sensors
      • Please ensure there are no large metal appliances or electronics in a straight line from your Display Hub+ to each sensor. If these appliances cause a communication issue, you'll see a notification for a "sensor malfunction". 
          • To resolve, you can also move the sensor to a different location. 

Review the illustrations below to see how metal appliances can limit the Display Hub+ from communicating properly with other devices or sensors.


If you see a "Cellular Communication Trouble" or "Panel Not Responding" notification after installing your Display Hub+...

These notifications mean the Display Hub+ is having trouble communicating and likely needs to be moved. To resolve these issues, follow these steps:

  • move your Display Hub+ near a window and/or to a higher level in your home (like a top floor).
  • test the cellular signal strength after positioning the Display Hub+ by arming and disarming from your mobile app.
      • If it takes more than a minute to register, relocation is recommended.
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