How do I watch the live video feed from my cameras on the Display Hub+?


Watch live video from all of your Frontpoint cameras to check in with what's happening at home and around your property, right from the Display Hub+. Use Two-Way Audio on compatible cameras to hear and speak with visitors with the walkie-talkie like, press-to-talk control system.

When viewing live video on the Display Hub+, microphone and speaker buttons allow you to control when the camera emits your voice and when incoming audio is muted. To learn how to collect and store only the most important video clips from your cameras with Video Analytics, click here.


View Camera Live Streams on the Display Hub+

  1. From the home screen of the Display Hub+, swipe right on the screen until you reach the Camera Live View menu.
  2. Select the camera stream you'd like to view from the list of cameras by tapping the camera's name.
  3. Tap the play button to open the camera stream into full screen view.  
      • To close the full screen camera view, tap the in the top right corner.

Hear and Speak With Visitors on the Display Hub+

With Two-Way Audio capable cameras, you can hear and speak through your camera using the Display Hub+ when a camera stream is in full screen view.

    • The Display Hub+ will transmit any audio the camera hears through the speakers automatically. To raise or lower the volume from the camera, toggle the Display Hub+'s volume settings.
    • To speak through the camera, press and hold the green microphone button while talking.


Having trouble?

If you cannot find the "Camera Live View menu" on the Display Hub+, please click here for steps to enable camera live streaming to your Display Hub+.

If you cannot see a microphone  (microphone.PNG) icon with the live video stream in full screen on the Display Hub+, please make sure you are using a compatible camera model: 


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