How do I control multiple smart devices with one button using Scenes on the Display Hub+?

A "scene" controls multiple devices with the press of a button based on the pre-configured list(s) you create. With Scenes, you can simplify a bedtime routine, "returning home" ritual, or whatever other scenario your family might want to simplify and automate. 

Scenes that are created on the Frontpoint app or website can be activated right from the Display Hub+'s touchscreen. To learn how to create a Scene with the Frontpoint app, click here.

To learn how to activate a Scene using the Display Hub+, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the Scene icon in the bottom left corner of the Display Hub+'s screen.


  2. Tap the scene you'd like to activate from the available scenes in the pop-up menu. All scenes created on the Frontpoint app or website will appear in this pop-up menu.


  3. Tap OK on the prompt to activate the selected scene.
    • Scenes that include disarming the system will instead require entry of the master code before the scene will activate to ensure the system is securely disarmed.  


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