How do I add a phone number or email address to a notification in the Frontpoint App?

From the home screen of the Frontpoint App:

  • Tap on the Menu button at the top-left
  • Tap on the Notifications section. 
  • Tap on the notification you would like to edit. 

notification_1.png notification_2.png

At the bottom of the edit page find and tap the +Add Recipient button. If the desired recipient has already been added to your address book it will be listed here under here, tap on the recipient so a check appears next to it.

notification_3.png notification_4.png

If you wish to add a new phone number or email:

  • Tap on the +Add Contact button
  • Fill in the phone number or email
  • Tap Add Contact
  • Tap Close
  • Tap Save
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