How do I add a phone number or email address to a notification in the Frontpoint App?

From the home screen of the Frontpoint App:

  1. Tap on the Menu button (menu_icon.PNG) to open the navigation menu
  2. Tap Notifications  
  3. Tap on the settings cog (cog_icon.PNG).
  4. Tap on the notification you would like to edit. 


At the bottom of the edit page find and tap the +Add button in the Recipients list button. If the desired recipient has already been added to your address book it will be listed here under here, tap on the recipient so a check appears next to it.


If you wish to add a new phone number or email:

  1. Tap on the +Add Contact button
  2. Fill in the phone number or email
  3. Tap Add Contact
  4. Tap Close
  5. Tap Save
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