How do I setup a 4-digit pin specifically for logging into the Frontpoint App?

If you would always like the convenience of remaining logged into the Frontpoint App but still want the security of having password verification you can set up a 4-digit verification code to be typed in whenever you open the Frontpoint App.  You can also set up a fingerprint ID or Face ID if your phone supports them. 

  • Note: This code is separate from the standard user codes and will not be able to directly disarm the system

From the home screen of the Frontpoint App:

  • Tap on the Menu button at the top left then tap on App Settings


  • Tap on Passcode (or, depending on your phone, this may say "Face ID & Passcode" or "TouchID and Passcode") 


  • Tap on the toggle icon to turn the 4-digit verification on


  • Type in the desired 4-digit code

If the phone supports fingerprint or face ID these options will appear after you have created the 4-digit code.  The 4-digit code will be required in order to turn these settings on or off.

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