How do I create scenes to control multiple smart devices with one button from the Frontpoint app?

A "scene" controls multiple devices with the press of a button based on the pre-configured list(s) you create. With Scenes, you can simplify a bedtime routine, "returning home" ritual, or whatever other scenario your family might want to simplify and automate.


Create a Scene

1) From the home screen of the Frontpoint app, locate the Scenes section


2) Tap on the right arrow. To create a new scene, tap on the + button

3) In the Scene Name field, enter the desired name for the scene

4) Tap the icon symbol to change the icon image and color to represent the Scene

5) In Devices, tap on the +button to select which devices the scene will control

6) Depending on the equipment enrolled in the your system, the following actions may be available:

      • In Security System, tap to select the desired arming status. The panel can be placed into Disarmed, Armed (Stay), or Arm (Away) status.
      • In Lock, tap to select the desired lock status. Locks can be locked or unlocked.
      • In Garage, tap to select the desired garage door status. Garage doors can be opened or closed.
      • In Thermostat, tap the desired thermostat status. Thermostats can be set to a custom temperature, mode, schedule, fan status, and/or specific temperature sensors.
      • In Lights, tap the desired light status. Lights can be set to On, Off, or a specified brightness level (with compatible devices).

7) Once all the actions are set, tap Save.

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