How do I create scenes to control multiple smart devices with one button with the Frontpoint App?

From the home screen of the Fronptoint app, locate the Scenes section


  • Tap on the right arrow. To create a new scene, tap on the + button
  • In the Scene Name field, enter the desired name for the scene
  • Tap the icon symbol to change the icon image and color to represent the Scene
  • In Devices, tap on the +button to select which devices the scene will control

Depending on the equipment enrolled in the user's system, there are the following types of actions:

  • In Security System, tap to select the desired arming status. The panel can be placed into Disarmed, Armed (Stay), or Arm (Away) status.
  • In Lock, tap to select the desired lock status. Locks can be locked or unlocked.
  • In Garage, tap to select the desired garage door status. Garage doors can be opened or closed.
  • In Thermostat, tap the desired thermostat status. Thermostats can be set to a custom temperature, mode, schedule, fan status, and/or specific temperature sensors.
  • In Lights, tap the desired light status. Lights can be set to On, Off, or a specified brightness level (with compatible devices).

Once all the actions are set, tap Save.

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