How do I create or edit the schedule that changes the thermostat setting at specific times with the Frontpoint App?

From the home screen of the Frontpoint App:

  • Tap on the Menu button on the top left
  • Tap on the Thermostats section. 
  • Tap on the Schedule button. Under Edit Basic Schedules select to edit either Cool or Heat Schedule.  This leads to the Edit Schedule page where you can customize the Thermostat’s Schedule.
  •  Click on the Gear icon at the bottom center to adjust the schedule type and setpoints
  • Schedule Type:
    • 7-Day will have a unique schedule for every day of the week. Swipe left and right on the edit schedule screen to switch between different days
    • 5-2 will have the schedule divided more simply by weekday and weekend
  • Number of Setpoints: This adjusts the number of times the schedule will switch between different presets throughout the day with the choice of either

Adjust the start times of the presets by dragging the circular Preset icons to the desired positions. Start times can be set to intervals of every half hour.

Adjust the Presets themselves by tapping on the circular Preset icons and selecting the desired Preset or setting a custom temperature. 

Tap Apply when finished

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