How do I create a secondary login for another person?

Secondary logins are additional login credentials that can be created to allow members of your household or loved ones to interact with all or part of your system, depending on their permissions.

These logins are perfect for allowing a child or other family member to have access to some features in the Frontpoint app and website, like viewing live video from your cameras, without having access to more sensitive information.

      • Only users with the Master Control permissions can create secondary logins. These permissions can only be managed from your account.


Create a Secondary Login

1) Log in to your account on

2) On the home screen, click on User on the left menu. 

3) Click on Manage Logins at the top. 

    • In the Email Address field, enter the new user's email address.  In the Login Name field, enter the new user's desired login name.

4) Click Save.  



  • An email will be sent to the user on how to set up the login with instructions on how to create their password and log in.
      • If this email is not being received, confirm the user's email address is entered correctly and have the user check their junk and spam folder.


Control Login Permissions 

1) On the Manage Logins page, click the secondary login's name to edit their permissions

2) The different permission levels grant specific access to various website features. Select one of the permission levels- Master Control, Full Control, Read Only, Limited Device Access, or Custom: 

Master Control

  • Users have all of the permissions of the primary account user, including the ability to manage website logins and change profile information such as the primary email address and phone number for the account.
  • Master Control users do not receive certain types of account notifications that go only to the primary user (e.g. user code changes and invalid email addresses for secondary contacts).


Full Control

  • Users have all of the "Full Control" permissions described in the Custom permissions section, along with most of the website and Frontpoint app functionality available to the primary account user.
  • They do not have the ability to manage website logins, and they do not receive certain types of account notifications that go only to the primary user (e.g. user code changes and invalid email addresses for secondary contacts).


Read Only

  • Users are able to see most of the website pages and settings for the account, including the User Codes and Live/Saved Video pages, but are not able to make any changes to account settings, device status, or view saved video.
  • These users cannot see the Manage Logins page.


Limited Device Access

  • Users are only able to control and observe the specified devices.
  • Note: Access to view the account's activity (i.e. Activity, Reports, Wellness, etc.) is restricted on the Customer Website and Frontpoint app when the Limited Device Access permission is chosen.



  • Create a Custom Role to fit the exact requirements for the user.
  • Use the checkboxes to include a specific type of permission, and then decide what level of control to provide the user (Read-Only or Full Control).  It is possible to change this in the future.
  • Note: Custom users are able to view the additional website and mobile content not listed in the Custom permissions, such as current system status, system history, their own password settings, and the system equipment list.


3) Click Save.

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