What do I do if I am moving to a new address?

The move process with Frontpoint is easy!  The first step is filling out the Move Portal.  This will update your account information automatically on moving day as well as send you a mover’s kit which includes a full set of new adhesives to help with your setup at the new address.  Once you fill out the Move Portal,  it’s just a matter of moving your equipment on moving day.

The move portal can be found here:


  • Click on Start Move
  • Under New Residence Information, fill out the new address and the move date.  This should be the date that the system itself is getting moved. 
  • Under Mover’s Kit Delivery, fill out the address to the kit sent to and the date it should be delivered. 
  • Click on Complete

On moving day, with the system disarmed, power down the Control Panel and dismount all the sensors.  If you need any help with setting up your system at the new address be sure to check out our setup guides.


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