How do I create a schedule that will automatically turn the lights on or off at specific times?

From the home screen of 

  • Click on Automation on the left menu. 
  • Click the Schedules option at the top of the screen. 
  • Click on +Add New Schedule

Enter a name for the schedule in the box at the top.  Fill out the rest of the schedule information as follows:

  • Under Select Devices Check the boxes to select which lights are to be controlled by the rule
  • Under On these days: Choose the days of the week the schedule will be active on
  • Under Perform these scheduled actions:
    • Under First: Select whether the light is turning on or off.
    •  Select when the light is turning on or off
    • Next where it says Then: Select whether the light will stay how it was changed or switch back to the original position
    • If switching back was selected you will need to select when you want the light to switch back
  • Checking the Away from Home option will randomize the exact times that the lights turn on/off. This is best for when everyone is away for extended times such as being on vacation to give the home the appearance of being lived in while nobody is there
  • Click Save
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