What does the button on the smoke and heat sensor do?

The large button on the front of the Smoke & Heat sensor has two uses:

Alarm Test

  • Before performing the following steps to test your Smoke and Heat sensor you will first need to put your account on TEST mode. This will avoid having the monitoring station call you for the alarm you are about to set off.
    • Click here to log into your MyFrontpoint.com website
    • Scroll down to “Monitoring Status”
    • Click the pencil icon
    • Toggle Non-emergency Response Mode to On and set the duration of time you require to perform your test
  • You can now proceed with the alarm test
    • Press and hold the large test button in the center of the sensor. Verify the red LED is flashing and that the alarm ramps up to full sound.
    • Verify that your control panel has also alarmed
    • Disarm your panel

Silencing a false alarm

  • If the Smoke & Heat sensor is currently in alarm, press and hold the large button for 10 seconds to silence the alarm for 10 minutes.
  • If the Smoke & Heat sensor sounds a second alarm after this 10 minutes, double check that the sensor is placed in an optimal location and/or clean the sensor with a vacuum.  
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