How do I get my camera to record based on the activity of my system?

From the home screen of the website:

  • Click the “Video” tab on the left menu


  • Click “Recording Rules” on the top menu bar



  • Click the “Add Rule” button and select the type of rule you would like to add.  mceclip3.png 
    • Enter what name you would like for the rule in the box at the top near the on/off slider.
    • Select the parameters for your rule. For example, if you selected the “Sensor Opened or Closed Rule”, you will need to select which sensors you would like to have the camera record based on.
    • Select the time frame you would like for the recording. The schedule can be active at all times, or you can set the days and times the schedule can be activated.
    • Select the camera(s) you would like to record a clip from.
    • Optional: Add Recipient. If you would like to be notified each time the camera records a clip, you can add a recipient such as SMS, email or Push notifications.
    • Once complete, click Save rule


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