How do I setup my Hub at my new home?

If your Hub is already activated to your account and you are just setting up in a different location, follow these steps:

  • Choose a location for the Hub:
    • The best placement for the Hub is an open space centrally located within the home.  The Hub should sit on a flat surface, away from other electronics, appliances, or other objects made of metal.
  • Plug in the Hub:
    • First make sure the battery is turned on by opening the compartment on the underside and checking that the switch next to the battery is in the ON position. Use the supplied AC adapter and plug it directly into an outlet that is not controlled by a switch.
  • Allow the Hub to Boot Up:
    • After power is supplied, the Hub will light up white after about 10-15 seconds. Then as it boots up it will get to a solid green which may take up to a minute.
  • Set up and test Sensors:
    • Setup each of the sensors on the system and test them to make sure they are working.
      • If you have sensors you have purchased but haven’t been activated yet you can activate them be going to the Frontpoint App and navigating to the Equipment Setup section
      • If you need to add new sensors to your system, simply log in to the Frontpoint App or Website and navigate to the Shop section
  • Connect the Hub to WiFi:
    • At this point you will want to send your WiFi credentials to the hub. 
  • Setup and Testing the User Codes and Keypad:
    • Now you want to setup and test any keypads or other peripheral devices as well as making sure all the user codes are working
  • Setup Smart Home Devices (if applicable):
    • If you have any smart home devices to be setup or learned in, please see the guides in the Home Automation section
  • Setup Cameras (if applicable):
    • If you need to setup any cameras, see the Camera section

Congratulations, you have setup your Frontpoint Hub

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