How do I adjust the volume of my Hub?

The Hub has two volume settings that can be adjusted, the Beep volume and the Voice volume.

The Beep volume controls the loudness of the beeps the Hub makes during certain system events, like entry or exit delay countdown. The Voice volume controls how loud the Hub's vocal announcement is when a sensor is activated or the system is armed/disarmed.  

Set these volume levels to ensure you can hear the Hub inside your home during these events to prevent a false alarm and know when your sensors are being activated. 


Adjust Hub Volume

1) Log in to your account on the Frontpoint app

2) Tap on the right arrow within the Security System section. 


3) Tap on the Gear icon at the top right to get to the Hub Settings page. 


4) There are two different options to adjust the volume:

      • Beep Volume:
          • This setting will adjust the volume of any beep sounds the hub makes such as the Entry/Exit delay countdowns and Trouble Beeps.
          • It can be set to the following settings: Mute, Medium, and High.


      • Voice Volume:
          • This setting adjusts the volume level of any spoken word that the hub announces, such as the sensor voice chimes and arming announcements.
          • This setting has a sliding bar that allows you to drag the volume to your preferred position.


5)  Tap Save anytime you make any changes and allow roughly 5 minutes for changes to take effect. 

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