How do I adjust the Hub LED brightness?

Adjust your Hub's LED brightness to make the Hub easily visible in the dark or comfortable for your eyes during the night. The LED brightness is highly adjustable and can be set to brighten or darken, depending on your desired time. 


Adjust Hub LED Brightness 

1) Log in to your account on the Frontpoint app

2) Tap on the right arrow within the Security System section.

3) Tap on the Gear icon at the top right corner

4) On the Hub Settings page, there are two types of brightness settings:

    • General LED Brightness:
        • This setting will adjust the brightness of the Key shaped LED light on the top of the hub. The bottom LED brightness can not be adjusted.
        • You may select the following brightness options: Off, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.
    • Night Hours Begin:
        • This setting sets when the hub will automatically change its top LED brightness according to the Night Hours LED Brightness setting starting at the set time every evening.
        • You can adjust these settings to begin anywhere from 7 pm through 1 am.
    • Night Hours End:
        • This setting sets when the hub will automatically change its top LED brightness back to the General LED Brightness setting starting at the specified time every morning.
        • The option can be set to start between 6 am, and 11 am.
    • Night Hours LED Brightness: 
        • This setting sets the brightness level of the Hubs LED light between the selected Night Hours Begin and End time settings.
        • This option has a sliding bar that can be tapped and dragged to any preferred position.


If your Hub's LED brightness has suddenly decreased without making changes to the settings, your Hub may have been unplugged or temporarily lost its power supply. When this happens, your Hub enters Low Power Mode to preserve battery for life-saving operations. Within Low Power Mode, your Hub will decrease LED brightness, among other battery-saving optimizations. Learn more about a Hub low battery here

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