Can I mount my IQ Touchscreen Control Panel on the wall?

Yes, your Control Panel can be mounted on a flat wall surface using size-appropriate screws.  The screws are not provided with the panel itself and must be acquired by going to your local hardware store. Before mounting the panel to a wall:

  • Remove the triangular-shaped tabletop stand to expose all needed screw holes.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the singular screw on the top middle of the control panel.
  • Remove the back plate, be careful when removing it to avoid pulling the AC wires out. There is a rubber grommet attached to the back plate that holds the wires in place. Slide the grommet up to remove it from it's current position. 

You will now be able to screw the back plate into the wall. Reattach the panel to the back plate and insert the screw on top. If you need any further assistance please contact Customer Support. 


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