What do I do if the screen is not responsive on my IQ Touchscreen Control Panel?

We recommend performing a power cycle on the Control Panel in hopes of resolving the slow to respond screen issue.   

To power cycle the control panel, use the following steps:

  • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left of the home screen
  • Touch the Advanced Settings icon in the top right corner and enter in your 4-digit master code
  • Select the Panel Reboot icon and press OK
  • The screen will eventually turn off and the home and emergency buttons will illuminate a RED LED. The panel will power back on to the normal home screen after about 2-3 minutes

You may also hard reset the panel. (This will NOT delete or clear any data from your control panel)

  • Press and hold the physical house button on the bottom right for about 45-60 seconds until the screen goes black
  • Allow the panel ~2-3 minutes to boot back to the home screen.
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