Why doesn’t my Hub Touchscreen display the names of my sensors?

If the Touchscreen isn’t showing the names of your sensors, you will want to resend the sensor names to the Hub itself:

From the home screen of Myfrontpoint.com, locate the Sensors box and click on the right arrow at the top right of the box. 

On this page you can change the website display name by typing the desired name into the box within the Sensor Name column.  Click save to apply the changes.

To change what the Panel will say out loud, click on the section at the bottom that says Click here to change the sensor names programmed into the control panel.  On this page select what you would like the panel to say by selecting options from the drop boxes in the New Sensor Name column.  Click Save and allow 1-2 minutes per sensor to update.

If the Touchscreen still doesn’t display the names, contact Customer Support and we will be happy to help resolve the issue.

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