How do I pair my Smart Door Lock with my system?

Once you have physically mounted the Smart Door Lock according to the installation manual that came with your lock, follow the instructions below:

    1. From the Home screen of the Frontpoint App, open the navigation menu, then select "+ Add Device"
    2. Select Lock
    3. Select Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt
    4. Select Begin Installation
    5. Once the system is ready, tap Next
    6. Press and hold the programming button on the side of the lock until the lock beeps two times when prompted by the Frontpoint App. A confirmation will appear on the Frontpoint app if the lock was added correctly.
    7. You will then be prompted to type in a name for the lock. Tap Next and the lock will have been successfully added to your system and you will see the message below:
    8. Select either Done if you are done adding devices to your system or Add More if you have additional devices to add to your system.

      *If the lock didn't appear on the screen after pressing the programming button, select "My Device Won't Add". Follow the on-screen prompts to clear the device and attempt to add it to your system.*
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