How do I pair my Yale lock with my control panel?

Once you have physically mounted the Lock according to the installation manual that came with the Lock, follow these instructions:

  • First put your control panel into its Z-Wave learn in mode:
    • The Frontpoint Hub: Hold down the button on the Frontpoint Hub next to the AC adaptor for 10-15 seconds until you hear a chirp. The Frontpoint Hub’s LED light will turn white
    • Simon XT: Press the * button until the panel beeps and reads Z-Wave Setup. Press the 1 button until the panel beeps and reads Z-Wave Add Mode (Active 2 min.)
  • Next Press the Yale button to activate (wake up) the lock and remove the battery cover. 
  • Press and hold programming button until unit beeps two (2) times. 
  • Release the programming button and network joining will begin automatically.  Replace the battery cover.
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