What type of batteries do the Motion Sensor take?

The Motion Sensor takes x1 CR123A battery. The battery life for the sensor is ~3-5 years.  Your system is self-diagnosing and the Hub will alert you when any piece of equipment reports a low battery.  The low battery status will also display on the home screen of both the Frontpoint App and website and you will receive related text/email notifications if you have the notification set up.


If a Motion Sensor reports a low battery, follow these steps to change the battery:

  • Press in on the rectangular-shaped tab on bottom of the Motion Sensor while pulling the cover to remove the front cover of the Motion Sensor. You may need a small screwdriver or fingernail to push on the tab.
  • You can then replace the CR123A battery on the inside of the sensor.
  • When the battery has been replaced properly, you will see a little red light flicker. Keep note of the + and - indicators in the battery compartment. Close the sensor by pressing the front cover back on face of the Motion Sensor until you hear a click. 
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