How do I know my Motion Sensor is working?

You can perform a Walk Test to ensure your Motion Sensor is visually working with the following steps:

  • Remove the sensor’s cover by locating and pressing the rectangular-shaped button at the bottom of the sensor
  • Once the cover of the sensor is removed, confirm that you see the red LED turn on
  • Leave the sensor’s field of view for 30 seconds, or until the red LED turns off
  • Walk across the sensors field of view, the LED will illuminate when it detects motion. It is best to walk across the sensor, rather than directly towards the sensor
  • The sensor will repeat this process of waiting 30 seconds then lighting up as it sees motion. It will stay in the test mode for 3 minutes. If additional time or testing is necessary, repeat the above step of removing the front cover to re-initiate the test. 

The red LED light does not come on during normal everyday use, regardless if the sensor detects activity or not. It will only be visible when testing the sensor to conserve battery power.

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