What type of battery does the Door and Window Sensor use?

The Door and Window Sensor uses one CR1632 coin cell battery and will last 3-5 years.  Your system is self-diagnosing and the Control Panel will alert you when any piece of equipment reports a low battery as well as that status will display on the home screen of both the Frontpoint App and website. If a Door and Window Sensor reports the low battery, follow these steps to change the battery:

  • To open the transmitter (larger piece) there is a tab on the corner of both the top and bottom of the sensor. You may use a butter knife, coin, or fingernail on either one to separate the two pieces.
  • To remove the battery, push on the side of the battery near the positive symbol on battery cover.
  • When installing the new battery, the positive side should face up.
  • Once you have replaced the batteries, replace the cover by lining up the two halves and snapping it back together. You should hear an audible click to confirm the sensor is closed tightly. 
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