How do I set up a notification based on the GPS location of my phone?

If you would like to have notifications such as arming reminders based on the GPS location of the phone, follow these steps:

From the home screen of the Frontpoint App, tap the Menu button at the top left

  • Tap on the Geo-Service section.
  • Tap on the toggle button next to Geo-Services to turn it on and add the phone as a Geo-Device.


To make changes to the Geo Fence, from the website:

  • Click on Settings then select Geo-Services.
  • To edit the Geo-Fence, click the name of the Geo-Fence to edit under Geo-Fences or click on +Add a Fence. 


  • To move the fence location, either click and drag the location marker on the map or enter a specific address in the Move fence location to: field.
  • To adjust the radius, either click and drag the Geo-Fence anchors on the map overlay or enter the desired radius in the Radius field (in miles). 


  • Click Save when done.


Now you can customize any capable notifications on the notifications page to work based on the GPS location of the phone.

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