How do I create a temporary User Code with the Frontpoint app?

Temporary user codes allow you to set a specific period when an access code will arm and disarm the system. A temporary user code is perfect for granting access to your home between certain dates and times, like when you need someone to check in on your home while you're away. 


Create a New User 

1) Log in to your account on the Frontpoint app

2) Tap Capture.PNG to open the left-hand menu 

3) Tap on Users.


4) Tap the + button

5) Enter the user's first and last name

6) Tap Create

7) Enter your desired 4 digit access code or tap generate code to create a random access code

8) Tap the desired panel to assign the user code access to arm and disarm the panel

9) Tap Save


Create a Temporary User Code 

1) Tap the ellipse menu (ellipse.PNG)to the right of the new user's name

2) Tap Edit in the Actions pop-up menu

3) Tap Time to edit the user's access period

4) Tap Temporary Access

5) Select the date and time when access will start and end

      • The user code will not work outside of this period  

5) Tap Save 


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