How do I create a Duress User Code with the Frontpoint App?

The duress user code is used to create the appearance of a disarmed system while sending a silent alert for emergency response. When the duress code is entered on the Keypad to disarm the system, a silent signal is sent to Frontpoint’s monitoring station.

When the duress code is entered, your system will appear to disarm, but the monitoring station will be alerted of an emergency and call for dispatch, bypassing the Emergency Contact list and calling the police immediately.

Note: It is essential that duress codes not be tested or inputted into the system other than in the case of an actual emergency. Our monitoring station WILL dispatch the police WITHOUT calling you first if this code is used to disarm your system.


Create a Duress Code

1) Log in to your account on the Frontpoint app

2) Tap the Menu Capture.PNG button at the top left

3) Tap on Users


4) Tap More in the top right corner

5) Select Add Duress User.

6) Enter the name for the Duress Code

7) Tap Create in the top right corner

8) Enter your desired 4 digit duress code or tap generate code to create a random duress code

9) Tap the desired panel to assign the duress code to the panel

10) Tap Save 


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