How do I pair up my two accounts with the Frontpoint App?

Linked Systems allows multiple Frontpoint accounts to be linked under a single login using the Frontpoint App and website. This allows you to switch between Frontpoint accounts without having to log out of one account and log into the other Frontpoint account. Once Linked Systems is set up, you can use the Frontpoint App or Website to toggle between the linked accounts.

Choose the main account you would like to use to access all of your Frontpoint accounts. This is the login that will be used to access the multiple accounts once it is set up. Verify all the usernames and passwords for the other accounts are easily accessible. 

From the home screen of the Frontpoint App:

  • Tap the Menu button at the top left
  • Tap Login Information and on that page tap on Linked Systems (or Link a System) 
  • Tap on the Add button and enter the login information for the account to be linked 
  • Tap Next then Confirm.

To switch between the accounts once they are paired:

  • Tap the Menu button at the top left of the Frontpoint app home screen
  • Next to the System Name at the top of the menu there will be a down arrow.  Tap on the arrow to bring up the list of linked systems and tap on any system to switch.
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