What should I do if my Smoke and Heat Sensor falls and breaks apart?

If the Smoke and Heat Sensor falls and breaks apart it follow these instructions to be able to reassemble it. 

  • If the outer cover or any internal parts have fallen apart, they will need to be snapped back on first. 
  • If the batteries fell out, make sure the positive and negative ends are oriented the correct way and reinsert them.
  • To get the main body back on the base, line up the protrusion on the base with the slot on the main body as shown below. Give it a clockwise twist to lock it back together. 


  • If a Tamper status appears at any point, it will clear once the sensor is back together. 
  • If the Tamper status remains or if you are unable to get the Smoke and Heat Sensor back together, please contact Customer Support.


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