How do I update the Outdoor Camera if my Wi-Fi information changes?

If your Wi-Fi information changes since the initial installation of the camera, follow the below instructions to set it up on the new network.

  1. Press and hold the RESET/WPS button on your camera until the light flashes white. Let go immediately once the light flashes white.
  2. Use a smart phone, tablet or computer and navigate to the wifi settings to connect to the wireless network “ADC-72#(XX:XX:XX)” where XX:XX:XX is the last six digits of the camera’s MAC address, which is located on the bottom of the camera or on the packaging.
  3. On the same device once it is connected, open a web browser and enter “http://FPSetup” in the URL field. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your home WiFi information and add the Camera to the WiFi network. The LED will be solid green when the connection is complete (may take 1-2 minutes).
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