How do I know if anything isn’t working correctly with the Hub?

A BLUE LIGHT means there is an issue with your system.  The Hub will alternate the blue flashing with whichever current arming status the Hub is in.  When arming or disarming your system, you will see an LED on the Keypad flash blue.  If your system encounters any problem and you would like to know what it is, press and hold the button located between the ethernet port and the power adapter for 1 second.

  • Sensor Malfunction/Failure: The sensor isn’t communicating properly with the Hub.
  • Sensor Tamper: The specified sensor is reporting an physical disconnect or the casing is opened or damaged.
  • Sensor Low Battery: The specified sensor’s internal battery is low.
  • Cellular Communication Trouble: The Hub is having trouble communicating via cellular communication.
  • Panel Low Battery: The backup battery for the Hub is low.
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