How do I set up the IQ Touchscreen Control Panel in a new location?

If your panel is already activated to your account and you are just setting up in a different location, follow these steps:

  • Choose a location for your Control Panel: The best placement for your panel is an open space centrally located within your home.  Your panel should sit on a flat surface, at least 5' away from other electronics, appliances, or objects made of metal.
  • Plug in the Control Panel: Use the supplied AC adapter and plug it directly into an outlet that is not controlled by a switch.
  • Set up and test sensors: Setup each of the sensors on the system and test them to make sure they are working.
    • Rename all of your sensors through the website, or on the panel directly
    • If you have new sensors you have purchased, but have not been activated yet, you may activate them by going to the Frontpoint App and navigating to the Equipment Setup section
    • If you need to purchase new sensors for your system, log on to the Frontpoint App or website and navigate to the Shop section
  • Connect the Panel to WiFi.
  • Setup and test user codes: If the panel was used in your previous premises, the user codes would not have changed. But you can update the user codes if needed via the Frontpoint App or website under the Users section. Additionally, this can be done directly on the control panel as well: Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enter your 4-digit Master Code -> User Management
  • Setup smart home devices (if applicable): If you have any smart home devices that need to be set up, please contact our Customer Support.
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