How do I return or cancel my services with Frontpoint?

To return or cancel service we require you to call in and speak with an Account Specialist. To reach them call 877-602-5276 and use option #6 within the menu.  Their hours of operation are 8:00am - 7:00pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.

All customers within their 30 day Risk-Free Trial Period are allowed to return their equipment for a full refund. 

Customers outside of the 30-day Risk-Free Trial period are required to provide:

  • 30-day written notice (in the form of an email)
  • 80% payoff of the remaining months of service on the agreement
  • A final months payment 

You can review pertinent contract information regarding cancellation policy and early termination fees in the original contract you received. Your contract can also be viewed on the website and the Frontpoint App under the My Account -> Documents section.

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