How do I pair the Garage Door Controller with my Control Panel?

Once you have plugged the Garage Door Controller into an outlet near your Control Panel, follow these instructions:

  • Put your Control Panel into it’s Z-wave learn mode:
    • From the Home screen of the Frontpoint App, tap the Menu button at the top left, then select + Add Device


    • Select Other


    • Select Begin Installation


    • Once the system is ready, hit Next


  • Press the link button on the side of the Garage Door Controller.


  • You will then be prompted to type in a name for the Garage Door Controller. Hit Next and you have successfully learned in your Garage Door Controller.


  • Select either Done if that was the only device you were learning in or Add More if you have any other devices to learn in.
  • If the light didn't appear on screen after pressing the programming button, select My Device Won't Add and follow the on screen prompts to clear the device and try again.
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