How do I learn in the Smart Light Bulb?

To learn in your Smart Light Bulb to the Frontpoint Hub:

  • Screw the Light Bulb into the desired light fixture, the switch should be off
    • Please note, during the learn in process, the light bulb must be within 30 ft of the Frontpoint Hub, or within 30 ft of another Z-wave device, such as another Smart Light Bulb. 
  • Hold down the button on the Frontpoint Hub next to the AC adapter for 10-15 seconds until you hear a chirp./ The Frontpoint Hub's LED light will turn white; this is called "learn-in mode".
  • Turn the light fixture ON. The light bulb will then flash two times to indicate a successful connection.
  • Press the button on the Frontpoint Hub again to exit learn-in mode. the LED light will change from white to green.
  • The Light Bulb will appear listed in your Frontpoint App within 3-5 minutes, giving you the ability to turn on/off and dim your light. If you wish to rename the light, you can do so by going online to > Settings > Devices. 

The Smart Light Bulb Guide is attached below for your reference. 

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