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The Frontpoint Hub is our exclusive security control device. It replaces traditional control panels with cutting-edge security technology, like powerful encryption and automatic backups between Wi-Fi and cellular services.



Manufacturer/Model Number: Frontpoint Hub

Dimensions: 6" x 6" 

Rechargeable Battery: Nickle Metal Hydride

Battery Life: Up to 24 Hours (fully charged)

Sensor Limit: 80 Sensors

Keypad/TS Limit: x4 Keypad AND x4 Touchscreens

Z-Wave Limit: 232 Z-wave Devices

User Code Limit: 50 User Codes

Radio Frequency: 319.5MHz & 433MHz (backwards compatible)


  • Dual-Path Communication (Wi-Fi/Ethernet and Cellular - 4G AT&T)
  • Sleek/Glossy, and modern design
  • Secondary Keypads and Touchscreens available for multiple keypad placement throughout the home
  • Quick and easy Security Sensor and Z-Wave pairing process
  • The easily identifiable LED's on the top and bottom for the Hub's current status
  • Firmware updates pushed over the air through Broadband for enhancements and fixes
  • Jam Detection: All wireless devices communicate on a specific radiofrequency. If the RF gets overpowered by stronger signals of the same frequency, that’s called jamming. If anyone tries to Jam our signal the system will immediately display a trouble signal and the monitoring station will be contacted.

Hub LED Guide

  • Green LED: Panel Disarmed
  • Red LED: Panel Armed Away / Flashing Red LED: Panel Arming Away
  • Amber LED: Panel Armed Stay / Flashing Amber LED: Panel Arming Stay
  • Flashing Blue LED: Trouble Condition exists
  • Flashing White LED: Z-Wave or Sensor Add Mode


  • Press and Hold the White Multi-Function Button on the rear for ~3 Seconds
  • The panel will report any troubles conditions. Or simply state "System Disarmed" if there are no trouble conditions present. 
  • The panel will flash Blue if there are any trouble conditions.

Keypad Functions

  • Press & Hold 1 + 2 Keys: Enable/Disable Keypad LED's. The keypad will emit 1 long beep.
  • Press & Hold 1 + 3 Keys: Transmits a learning/pairing code. The keypad will emit 1 beep.
  • Press & Hold 4 + 6 Keys: Fire Alarm - The keypad will emit 1 long beep.
  • Press & Hold 7 + 9 Keys: Medical Alarm - The keypad will emit 1 long beep.
  • Press & Hold * + # Keys: Panic Alarm - The keypad will emit 1 long beep.
  • Press Stay: Arm the System in Stay Mode (No exit delay by default).
  • Press Away: Arm the System in Away Mode.
  • Disarm: Enter 4-Digit Code followed by Disarm.
  • Press & Hold Stay for 3 seconds to arm the system in Arm Stay, No Entry Delay.


  • The siren is 104.5 decibels and sounds for 4 minutes before the system rearms itself
  • The power cord we provide should always be used as the main power source for the panel. Under no circumstances should this ever be removed unless instructed, or moving the panel. 
  • The Hub will only connect to a 2.4GHz network. 
  • The Hub may have a total of 8 secondary keypads. x4 Keypads + x4 Touchscreens.

Placement Recommendations

  • Place the Hub in a central location in your home. 
  • It should be at least 5ft from any electronic equipment, metal objects or appliances.
  •  Ensure the AC Adapter is plugged into an outlet without a reset button. The panel must never be unplugged to ensure static coverage.

Click here to access the User Guide for the Frontpoint Hub.  


"My panel doesn't look like this"

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