Door and Window Sensor - Master Guide


The Door and Window sensor is great for securing anything that opens or closes. Two pieces (Transmitter and Magnet) are placed parallel next to each other and will report an open signal when the pieces are separated more than ¾”



Manufacturer/Model Number: Resolution RE122

SKU: Door or Window Sensor 2.0

Dimensions: 1.8” H x 0.77” W x 0.39” D

Battery: x1 CR1632 Battery

Battery Life: ~6+ Years          

Weight: 0.529 Ounces

Compatibility: Simon XT Panel, IQ Panel, Frontpoint Hub

Operating Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F

Distance: Will show closed up to ¾” Apart


To mount the Door and Window Sensor, place one piece on the door (or window) itself and one piece on the frame. Ensure that the sensor is set up as follows.

  • The notches on the two pieces are aligned.
  • The two pieces are less than 3/4" apart (less than a thumb's width of each other)
  • The two pieces are flush on the same plane.
  • The door is within 100 ft. of the Control Panel.

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"My sensor doesn't look like this"

Click on the image below that matches your sensor:

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