How do I install my Digital Doorbell Adapter?

If you have a digital doorbell you will need the Digital Doorbell Adapter in order for your Doorbell Camera to function properly.  Follow these instructions to install the Digital Doorbell Adapter:

  • Remove the cover from the digital doorbell chime and locate its wire terminals.


  • Completely remove the screws from the terminals and temporarily move the wires out of the way.
    • Note: Some digital chimes come installed with a diode in place.  In these circumstances, the diode must be removed prior to installing the Digital Doorbell Adapter.  If the diode remains in place, it may cause the Digital Doorbell Adapter to fail, leading to issues such as the doorbell constantly ringing.
  • Connect the Digital Doorbell Adapter wires to the chime.
    • Attach the J4 wire to the "Front" Terminal on the Digital Doorbell.
    • Attach the J3 wire to the "Trans" Terminal on the Digital Doorbell.
    • Attach to J5 and J6 wires to the two wires from the wall by inserting them together into the blue connector that came with the Adapter and tightening them down by squeezing with a pair of pliers.


  • Reassemble and reinstall the digital doorbell in its original location.
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