How do I reset my devices to work on my new Control Panel?

After you’ve swapped your panel for a new Frontpoint Hub, you will need to re-add your Touchscreen(s) and Z-Wave devices, such as a Smart Lock or Smart Light Bulb.


For the Frontpoint Touchscreen:

If you already had a Hub and Touchscreen and got a replacement Hub, follow these steps to re-add the Touchscreen with your new Hub

  • Ensure that your new Hub is already connected to your Wi-Fi network. This process should have been completed in the wizard, but you can confirm this by going to Security System then tap the gear icon at the top right and last Panel Wi-Fi, to see if it is connected.  If it is not connected, select your Wi-Fi and connect.
  • Press and hold the multi-function button on the back your Frontpoint Hub until it beeps and the light turns white on the top to put into pairing mode.  This takes about 10-15 seconds.
  • Your Touchscreen should have the option to Reset or Retry. Select Retry only once the Frontpoint Hub is in pairing mode and the LED light is white.
  • Once the normal home screen appears on your Touchscreen, the pairing is complete. If it does not reconnect, select Reset and make sure you are selecting the same network your new Hub is connected to.  For example if you have a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network, the Hub and Touchscreen should both be on the same 2.4 GHz network.

*If you have a different touchscreen from any previous panel that is not the Frontpoint Hub, it will not be compatible with the Hub. 

For any Z-wave Smart Home Devices:

All Z wave devices have an internal memory of what panel they have been paired with, follow these steps to clear that memory so they can be re-added with your new panel. These steps will work for any type of compatible Z wave device.*

  • Put your Control Panel into it’s Z-wave learn mode:
    • From the Home screen of the Frontpoint App, tap the Menu button at the top left, then select + Add Device


    • Select Other


    • Select Begin Installation


    • Once the system is ready, hit Next


  • Select My Device Won’t Add. This has to be done first in order to properly clear the device of the last panel.


  • Select Continue.
  • Perform the programming command according to the instructions of your device.  See the list at the bottom of this page for the instructions on any Frontpoint Devices
  • You will receive a confirmation once the device has cleared. Select Continue. Once the system is ready, hit Next.
  • Once again trigger your device according to the instructions.
  • You will then be prompted to type in a name for the device. After naming it, hit Next and you will have successfully learned in your device.


  • Select either Done if that was the only device you were learning in or Add More if you have any other devices to learn in.


Programming instructions for Frontpoint Z-Wave devices:

Yale Lock

  • To clear the device, press and hold the programming button on the side of the lock until the lock beeps five times when prompted by the Frontpoint App. A confirmation will appear on screen in the App if the lock was cleared correctly.
  • To add the device, press and hold the programming button on the side of the lock until the lock beeps two times when prompted by the Frontpoint App.

Schlage Lock

  • Requires the 6-digit programming code. If you do not have the programming code, it can be found on the inside part of the interior portion of the lock on the piece behind the battery cover but facing towards the door. It will require you to remove the lock from the door to see it.
  • To clear/add the device, on the keypad for the lock hit (Schlage > enter the 6-digit code > press 0) when prompted to by the Frontpoint App. A green check mark will appear on the lock to indicate success.

Light Bulb

  • To clear/add the device, turn on the light bulb from the switch when prompted by the Frontpoint App.  The light bulb will flash two times to indicate success, sometimes this may take 10-15 seconds.

Wireless Light Control

  • Wireless Light Control (Current Version)
    • To clear/add the device, press and release the manual/program button located on the top when prompted by the Frontpoint App.
  • Wireless Light Control (Previous Model)
    • To clear/add the device, quickly double click the manual/program button located on the front face when prompted by the Frontpoint App.

Garage Door Controller

  • To clear/add the device, press and release the programming button on the side of the garage door controller when prompted by the Frontpoint App.

*Note: If you purchased a Z-wave device from a third party please refer to the device's manual on how to clear/add it into the system.  If the device is not purchased from Frontpoint or it is not on our list of approved devices, we cannot guarantee proper communication with Frontpoint system. There are currently no compatible Z-Wave sirens with the Hub, although our Frontpoint Touchscreen has a speaker which helps to serve that purpose. 

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