How do I install the new radio for the Simon XT Control Panel?

To replace your old radio, ensure that you first have the right tools and then follow the instructions below or follow this video.

Tools and supplies needed:

  • New LTE radio with thin antenna attached
  • Thick antenna (included, but not attached)
  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver (not included)


  • Unplug the AC power cord from the wall and disconnect the red battery wires coming out from the bottom left of the panel. Twist and pull on either end of the thick plastic section where they meet to disconnect.
    *If you have tucked those wires inside your panel, disconnect them after step 2.
  • Open the panel by pressing the two tabs on the top of the XT – seen below:


  • The radio is located in the “module compartment”, labeled below. Use your screwdriver to remove the two screws in opposite corners on the old radio and set them aside.
  • To remove the old radio from the “module compartment”, slide the screwdriver in the narrow channel by the phone jack to reach under the lip of the radio and pry up. See image below:


  • Plug the new antenna into the gold connector closest to the outer edge, by lining up the opening of the gold connector with the new antenna, and pinching until it snaps into place (as shown by the green arrow in the next image).


  • Slide the new radio in place under the two plastic tabs at the top of the module compartment first and press on the opposite end gently until the connector pins are in place. The plastic tabs are circled in orange in the above image.
  • Screw the radio into place using the screws from the previous radio.
  • Position the antennas inside of the panel box as shown below. If needed, adhesive may be used on the slimmer antenna, but not on the thicker antenna.


  • Close the panel, ensuring that:
    • The red battery wires are routed through the same hole as the power cord.
    • The front and back halves of the panel are properly lined up on its hinges. If your panel won’t close at the top, ensure that neither antenna wires are resting on the corner that divides the radio from the rest of the panel.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, connect the red battery wires together again.
  • Plug the panel into the wall and wait a few minutes for the system to power up
  • Login to either the Frontpoint App or from your mobile device. Click on Equipment Setup within the left-hand navigation, and then System Control to finalize your Radio Swap.Need help? Chat with us at
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