How do I edit a Smart Thermostat schedule using the Frontpoint App?

  1. Log into the Frontpoint app and open the navigation menu (menu icon.PNG).
  2. Tap Thermostats.
  3. Tap Schedule.
  4. In Schedule Type, tap On to turn the thermostat's schedule on. 
  5. In Edit Basic Schedules, tap Cool or Heat to edit the mode's schedule.
  6. To change the thermostat Schedule Type and Number of set point intervals:
    • Tap the Gear Icon
    • To change the thermostat schedule view, in Schedule Type tap either:
      • 5-2 Day to set a weekday and weekend schedule.
      • 7 Day to manage daily schedules independently.
    • To change the number of set point intervals for each day, in Number of Set Points tap 2 or 4.
    • Tap Done to return to the thermostat schedule.
  7. To change the temperature setting (Away, Home, Sleep, Custom) an interval is set to, tap the Temperature setting icon next to the interval to adjust, and then tap the desired temperature setting to change it to. 
    • If Custom is selected:
      • Tap the custom interval block to adjust its Custom temperature. 
      • Tap the Temperature arrows to adjust the Custom temperature.
      • Tap Done
  8. To adjust the target temperature of temperature settings:
      • Tap a schedule interval block that is set to a temperature setting (i.e., Away, Home, Sleep, etc.)
      • Tap the Temperature arrows for the temperature setting to adjust.
      • Tap Done
  9. To change the time of the schedule intervals, tap and hold the Temperature setting icon while dragging up or down to the desired time on the schedule.

    Note: For the thermostat to automatically adjust temperatures at an interval, the adjacent intervals must be at least one degree different from each other.
  10. Tap Done to save changes.
      • Repeat the steps to edit the other mode (i.e., Heat or Cool) or any other thermostats. 
        Note: Copying a thermostat schedule can only be performed using 
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