Low Battery: Keychain Remote

If a Keychain Remote reports a low battery, we recommend replacing it as soon as possible (although you will typically have a few weeks before completely drained). Please use the below photos to identify the Keychain Remote model for which was reported to have a low battery, and refer to the corresponding directions to replace the battery.



This Keychain Remote uses 1 CR2032 battery that will generally last 3-5 years.

  • With a key or small screwdriver, press the black tab located at the bottom of the remote and slide the chrome trim off.
  • Carefully separate the front and back piece of plastic to reveal the battery.
  • Replace with a CR2032 battery with the positive side of the battery facing up.
  • Re-assemble the plastics and ensure they click together
  • Align the notch in the chrome trim with the back of the plastic and slide it back on. It will only go on one way



This Keychain Remote uses 1 CR2032 battery that will generally last 3-5 years.  

  • To open the keychain remote, insert a coin into the corner cover slot and gently pry the front and back covers apart.
  • Remove the circuit board and rubber touchpad assembly by pushing inward on one of the buttons.
  • Slide the battery out and away from the circuit board. Insert a new battery positive side facing up.
  • Press the circuit board firmly down into the rubber touchpad and then replace the touchpad assembly into the front cover.
  • Line up the front and back covers starting at the key ring corner and then snap together
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