Low Battery: Z-Wave Device

If a Z-Wave Device reports a low battery, we recommend replacing it as soon as possible (although you will typically have a few weeks before completely drained). Please use the below photos to identify the device which was reported to have a low battery, and refer to the corresponding directions to replace the battery.


This Lock uses 4 AA batteries.

  • Use the included pin tool or something small such as a paper clip to open the battery compartment
  • Swap out the 4 AA batteries
  • Snap the battery cover back in place


This Lock uses 4 AA batteries.

  • Squeeze the sides of the battery cover to remove it.
  • Unplug the wire connection from the top of the battery compartment
  • Slide the battery compartment up out of the lock housing
  • Swap out the 4 AA batteries
  • Slide the battery compartment back into the lock housing
  • Plug the wire connection back in the battery compartment
  • Snap the battery cover back onto the lock


The thermostat has 2 AAA batteries

  • Remove the thermostat from the back plate by pulling the thermostat straight out and off the wall.
  • Take out the existing AAA batteries.
  • Insert the new batteries following the specified polarity markings on the thermostat
  • Return the thermostat to the wall plate by pressing the thermostat body firmly into the back plate mounted to the wall.


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