What appliances work with the Outdoor Smart Plug?

Disclaimer: The device plugged into this Z-Wave controlled outlet must not exceed 600W (incandescent); 1800W (15A) Resistive or a ½ HP Motor. Outlet is fused at 5A.


Gardening/ Lawn Care

1) Lawn Sprinklers: Turn on/off at anytime - If you see it starting to rain, you can turn it off remotely to save water.
2) Plant Watering System: Utilizes a plug-in water pump and a drip irrigation kit - Plug the water pump into a smart plug, and then schedule when and how long you want it to run.
3) Garden Lighting
4) Greenhouse Accessories: Heaters and LED grow lights
Outdoor Accessories
1) Power Outdoor Speaker System
2) Outdoor Electric Heater
3) Outdoor Electric Fans
4) Outdoor TVs
Garage Use
1) Tool battery charging: Set the amount of time each tool will charge for
2) Electric Heater
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