How do I setup Perimeter Guard on my Outdoor Camera on the website?

Perimeter Guard uses our advanced Video Analytics to sound an alert and flash the camera's status LED when unwanted visitors are detected.

  • Log into the Customer Website.
  • Click Video.
  • Click Recording Rules.
  • Click on an existing Video Analytics rule, or create a new one. For more information about creating a Video Analytics rule, click here
  • Verify the initial Video Analytics settings are configured as desired, and then click Next.
  • In Activate Perimeter Guard:
    • To enable the LED response:
      • Click the Camera Status LED toggle to enable the LED response.
      • Using the Duration dropdown menu, select how long the LED response lasts.
    • To enable the Camera Audio Alert:
      • Click the Camera Audio Alert toggle to enable the Audio Alert.
      • Using the Audio Sound dropdown menu, select type of sound the camera makes.
      • Adjust the volume using the Volume slider.
  • Using the Set Minimum Delay Between Alerts dropdown menu, select the desired amount of time the camera should not start a new alert after a previous alert has completed.
  • Click Save.
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