How do I rename my sensors with the Frontpoint Hub?

Rename your sensors to customize the system for your home. Sensors have two names that can be renamed, the name the Hub announces out loud and the name displayed on the Frontpoint app. Both names can be updated to match, but you must rename both names through the steps outlined below. 


Rename Sensors

Sensors have two names that can be renamed: 

1) Vocal announcement names

  • Vocal announcement names are created with a predetermined list of selectable words - you can select up to 4 words to build your sensor name.
  • The Hub will announce these names aloud when the sensor is triggered. 

2) Displayed names

  • Displayed names are free-form names where you type in the preferred name for your sensor.
  • These names are displayed on, in the Frontpoint mobile app, and in notifications from the mobile app.

The vocal announcement and displayed names are updated in different areas. While customers usually like to make these two names the same, they may be different if desired.  


Instructions have been included below to guide you through the renaming process. Click on either step for more instructions: 

1) Updating the vocal announcement name

2) Updating the displayed name 


Please note: if you would like the two names to match and have changed one of the names, the other name will not update automatically- you must complete both steps to change both. 





Updating the vocal announcement names on

From the home screen on

1) Click on Settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu.



2) Click Control Panel Settings.



3) Find the sensor(s) you would like to rename and select up to 4 terms for the new sensor name from the drop-down selection under New Sensor Name.



4) Click SAVE at the bottom of the page to rename your sensors.



5) In 3-5 minutes, the sensor name will update, and your Hub will announce the new name when the sensor is activated. 



Updating the displayed names on

1) Click "Click here to change the Website name" at the bottom of the Panel Sensor Names menu to change the displayed name of the sensor on, in the mobile app, and notifications from the mobile app. 



2) Find the sensor(s) you would like to rename and type in the preferred name. The Hub will not announce this name. 



3) Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.



Updating the displayed sensor names on the Frontpoint mobile app

From the home screen on the Frontpoint mobile app:

1) Tap menu icon (menu_icon.PNG) in the corner of the Frontpoint app to open the navigation menu.

2) Tap Manage Devices in the menu.


3) Find the sensor you would like to rename and tap the three dots on the right-hand side.



4) Tap Rename Device in the Actions menu pop-up.



5) Type in the preferred name for the sensor, then tap OK. The Hub will not announce this name. 


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