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The Frontpoint app incorporates intelligent features and automation tools that make your life easier, giving you full control and visibility into your home from anywhere. To download the Frontpoint app on your mobile device, tap here

Read below for more information on some of our most popular features and tap the green feature name for more advanced details:

  • Create Advanced Notifications
      • Create custom alerts and reminders for the events your system monitors- add your loved ones' phone numbers so they can receive a notification too.
      • Some favorite notifications are:
          • Arming Reminders
              • Receive an alert if your system isn't armed after a specific time or if everyone has left the property.
          • Unexpected Activity Alerts
              • Harness the power of machine learning and let Frontpoint detect unusual activity in your home based on your normal usage patterns. 
          • Location-Based Notifications, Reminders, Recordings, and Automations
              • Trigger reminders and automation rules when you travel into or out of a set boundary or "geofence". Pause camera recordings when you're inside a geofence to only capture the most important events. 
  • Review System and Sensor History
      • Review various events that happened within 90 days including the open/close history of sensors, motion detection, captured video clips, and other insights into your system usage.
  • Automate your System Based on Events
      • Make your home more intelligent and responsive to events that occur- by setting up event-triggered Automation Rules.
  • Arm and Disarm the System on your Schedule 
      • Never again forget to arm your system before bed or forget to disarm the system when you wake up using Smart Arming.

  • Get Notified of any System Issues (Trouble Conditions)
      • Trouble Conditions appear at the top of your homepage on the Frontpoint app as "Issues" whenever there is an issue with your system. An arrow displayed to the right can be tapped for more information on why the problem is occurring with steps to solve it.
  • Design Custom Scenes
      • A "scene" controls multiple devices with the press of a button based on the pre-configured list(s) you create. With Scenes, you can simplify a bedtime routine, "returning home" ritual, or whatever other scenario your family might want to simplify and automate.
  • Create Additional User Codes 
      • User codes for each family member give more visibility into who disarmed the system and when.
  • Summon Emergency Services with the In-app Panic buttons 
      • The In-App Panic buttons enable you to summon emergency responders to your home with the tap of a finger.

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